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Christmas Chains…

Christmas may be a time for giving, or even better, taking, but it is also a time that stirs up ghosts of gaming past like a sixpence in a séance’s  Christmas pudding.  Phantoms of more innocent times start to stir, times when you had to wait until the end of the year for those gaming [...]

Patches, Patches, Never Touch…

Despite me thinking I had scooped victory recently with the Sims 3 patches, neatly checking the obtuse launcher and the patch problem, I’m afraid I am heading for yet another reinstall of the wretched game.  This will be my fourth.  After finding the patches and manually downloading them from SimsPrograms, as mentioned in a previous [...]

Blue Thunder

Barely awake and blinking from a suicidal sweeping of curtains, I sit at my desk as always and fire up my PC, just like I do every day.  It gets used for the lion’s share of the clock and is only left cooling in peace long after I have decided on my course of leisurely [...]

It’s Not Me…It’s You

Somewhere, somehow, I fell out of love and I don’t remember when. From an early age I championed Nintendo’s ugly grey boxes over the shinier, more exciting looking Segas, and on to shunning Playstation for the N64 and Gamecube…and it kind of stopped there.  I suddenly realised that my Nintendos and I don’t actually spend as [...]

Paradise Lost

I’m Elite apparently.  Not in any Heathers sort of sense, but because Criterion say so and after screeching around the streets of Paradise City in Burnout Paradise for months, I finally feel that I’ve earned it.

Ever since having my interest piqued at the Ready Up World record attempt back in April, I’ve sunk my time [...]

The Damned Elusive Sim-Panel

Another round of wrestling with the Sims 3 launcher had me spitting venom recently; just the sheer number of hours that I have spent just trying to patch the game and trawling the internet to see if anyone shares my woes is ridiculous.  Given the time that has elapsed since I last tried to patch [...]

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  • Bioshock 2: Special Edition

    Bioshock 2: Special Edition

    Judging by the official pictures, the Bioshock 2: Special Edition certainly has some darkly divine packaging which features some stylish artwork on the slipcase and cover and looks much sexier than the ‘cutaway’ box released for the first game.  Rather than just bunging an action figure into a flimsy box, it seems that 2K Games [...]

  • Bayonetta Update…

    Bayonetta Update…

    As an update to the last Magpie article on the Bayonetta Collector’s Sets and goodies, it is now confirmed that Gameplay.co.uk and game.co.uk are offering the desireable Scarborough Fair pistol and stand as a pre-order bonus item with both the Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.  As far as Sketchstone.com is aware, these are currently [...]

  • Bayonetta Climaxes

    Bayonetta Climaxes

    With many of the year’s most anticipated titles being shoved unceremoniously back into 2010, word on special editions has been scant up until recently when Bayonetta opened up a pre-order salvo with a collector’s edition to turn heads.  There is, however, a catch.  As usual, different territories end up playing the lottery game, with one [...]

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