After much faffing and general procrastination, (mostly involving watching my screensaver), I have finally grabbed a piece of the internet and spread a (carefully chosen) blanket to park my gaming writing on.

Intended as a personal gaming writing site, rather than an up to the minute melting pot of red-hot news and reviews with a dozen sarcastic authors, I just hope that any visitors that do lose their way on the interweb and end up here, find something to enjoy.  Not that I care or anything.  I’ll be too busy staring into the depths of an unending starfield and contemplating Monster Munch.

More info can be found in the About link, but you’re hopefully all grown up enough to have spotted that anyway…

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  1. The Rook says:

    I’ve never noticed Monster Munch in your abode. Have you been hiding them? Now bookmarked to my favourites.

  2. sketch says:

    :D I love Monster Munch ;) I was good and didn’t buy any for a long while, but some fell into my shopping recently ;)

    Yay, my first regular :D

  3. Digital Forge says:

    Monster Munch, I hope that’s the Roast Beef variety ;)

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