The Damned Elusive Sim-Panel

Another round of wrestling with the Sims 3 launcher had me spitting venom recently; just the sheer number of hours that I have spent just trying to patch the game and trawling the internet to see if anyone shares my woes is ridiculous.  Given the time that has elapsed since I last tried to patch the game and get the launcher to do it’s job, or else install the patches manually, I figured that something may have magically changed.  It hadn’t.  The launcher steadfastly maintained that my PC was full and would have none of my livid screams to the contrary.  Several frustrated and grudgingly polite messages to EA  customer support later left me equally furious.  Re-install to the default location was their globule of advice.  Wow, thanks.  So I can’t put the game neatly in my D drive with the other ‘common games’ then?  This game has to have what it wants and will turn its nose up at all but the prestigious ‘Program Files’ address.  Ridiculous.


After muttering darkly for several days and spending another weekend trawling for advice, I was no further forward.  Not even the forum threads (now full of people with the same problem) were any comfort.  And the worst thing?  Despite my initial reactions to the game, I actually wanted to play it. A character was stamping his feet in the back of my mind, ready to spring to life in the form of the Evil Sim diaries, so I needed the damn thing to work, otherwise he would be bursting forth like Athena to wage war upon Sunset Valley by himself.

So I gave in and grudgingly re-installed, allowing the game it’s own stroppy way, primping and huffing into the C Drive, stamping up the stairs into ‘Program Files’, and petulantly slamming the door.  “Fine”, I shout, “…but you will work.”  Except that it didn’t.  Same problem.  ‘PC drive full’.  Bollocks.  You utter shit.  Uninstall, re-install, and try again.  Nope.  The game sits there with it’s headphones on while I shout up the stairs, puce with rage.  Nothing.  By this time I felt like Wile E Coyote weeping tears of frustration as the Road Runner ‘peep peeps’ from across another bottomless chasm.

To the internet I trudged once more.  Patches, patches…and suddenly, the clouds parted and a chorus of flabby arsed angels creaked into life to declare success., I could have wept.  Clear, concise, well presented and designed and best of all, every released Sims 3 patch in every version – versions being something I was unaware of up until now.  The game isn’t just the game…it has a string of numbers which denote the version/ region…1, 2, etc (e.g and the versions of the patches are specific to these regions which is why the ones I was randomly pulling off the net refused to install. 

Shakily I downloaded the first one and it installed fine.  A flutter of excitement stirred in my soul, but I have reached this stage before.  Patch two……installed.  For the first time in relation to this game, I actually smiled.  And then there was the third and final one.  Finally, I’m done.  My character stretches and yawns, close to being freed, my sanity returns, looking slightly haggard and minus it’s underwear, and I can breathe out.  I’ve caught the Road Runner, beaten his brains out with an ACME hammer, and done obscene things to the corpse.

Unfortunately the hour is late and my Sim-to-be will have to wait another day to come out and start his evil machinations, but until then, I am finally happy.  To, thank you.  Without you, my forty odd pounds would have met a very unpleasant end on the BBQ.  And now…to take over the world, one pool ladder at a time.


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  1. Digital Forge says:

    “This game has to have what it wants and will turn its nose up at all but the prestigious ‘Program Files’ address. Ridiculous.”

    This infuriates me ’so much’ as being on a 64bit system I have two program files, the regular and a Program Filesx86 (where all the 32bit programs go).

    Instead of having my games split I decided to put them all in one place, given up in the end as it was a complete nightmare. Steam was the absolute worse for it, bah!

    I still have nightmares from all the junk EA put on my PC after downloading the Spore creature creator *shudder*

  2. sketch says:

    I haven’t dared touch Steam yet as I suspect that there will be much frustration to be had. I wanted to keep all games neatly in their own folder on a seperate drive but Sims 3 would have none of it. And then to top it off, it still refused anyway, so I may as well have just put it where I wanted! Arghh!

    As soon as I heard about all the Spore DRM crap I refused to install or play it, so our copy is gathering dust having never been used.

  3. [...] After finding the patches and manually downloading them from SimsPrograms, as mentioned in a previous post, I thought that the latest one would be no problem.  Wrong.  Fate vomits over my C Drive yet [...]

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