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With Sims 3 being my latest PC interest (and my only one at this current time until the dregs of my gaming apathy are kicked out for good), and wishing to have more than the generic slightly bubblegum content that has been made available, I went on the hunt for other options.  Namely mods, created objects, and a way to remove the censor blur.  Resounding success…kinky and dark objects, body mods, nudity skins, St Andrew’s crosses, dildos, spanking goodies, and dark garden objects such as barbed wire and vampish detritus were all present…for Sims 2.  Bugger.  Try as I might, there just isn’t a great deal of user created content to be found for Sims 3 yet – at least not in the more mature vein.

Porn Star Career - ingenious user addition for Sims2 from

Porn Star Career - ingenious user addition for Sims2 from

Given that the game hasn’t even seen its first expansion yet, it is hardly surprising.  However, for someone like me who is champing at the bit to make my game more suitable to my adult sensibilities, rather than accept the kiddie friendly, non-offensive (and slightly bland) game on offer, it is frustrating.

Censor blur finally gone but leaves 'Barbie-esque' plastic looking Sims

Censor blur finally gone but leaves 'Barbie-esque' plastic looking Sims

Part of my annoyance is that I never really went on the search for game improving objects and features before, bar a few fun objects – mainly because I had no idea that they existed.  To think that those hours, days, months, and years spent playing Sims 2 could have been spiced up and made more interesting and enjoyable by the wealth of content out there is a little soul destroying.

So what are my options?  Go back to playing Sims 2 again and make use of what’s out there or simply wait?  I could, if I was technically inclined, make my own…that would involve a – hard work, b- skills which I don’t believe I possess, and c- hard work.  Oh, and a high patience threshold no doubt.  I guess I’ll be waiting.  In the meantime, I shall be keeping an eye on the content of SexySims2 where the Sims 3 content is slowly creeping on.  I have already removed the censor blur from my game which is something at least.  Now I need to cultivate some patience.  Preferably as quickly as possible.

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  1. Digital Forge says:

    I love mods and they are probably the reason behind my current PC ‘love-in’ that I seem to be having. I’ve never thought of mods for the Sims but thinking about it there must be an absolute plethora out there.

    Shame EA doesn’t seem to embrace it either (from what I’ve seen) or at least as much they could do.

    If there’s one thing I’ve learnt it’s that patience is a virtue for mod stuff, then when one thing finally rolls up there’s usually a bucket load of it just behind.

    I imagine the dungeons in the next expansion will get the modding community full of kinky ideas and such.

  2. sketch says:

    Oblivion for the PC has a ton of them but with too much of a backlog and too little time, I haven’t and probably won’t have the chance to explore them. Besides, I can’t face playing Oblivion with a fucking mouse, it feels wrong now :D

    Early days for Sims 3 mods yet, but still frustrating. If I had the tech know-how then I would be tempted to make what I want myself. Perhaps when there is a fool-proof GUI for an object creator that doesn’t look as baffling as Stephen Hawking’s greatest works.

  3. MarkuzR says:

    Oblivion on the PC is stunning… very smooth, very beautiful… and I can run around dressed like that dood from Assassins Creed :D Some of the Fallout 3 mods for the PC are fantastic too… but it’s the mouse thing isn’t it? I’m with you on that one – playing it for so many hours with a controller has rendered me absolutely useless with a mouse.

    I’ll be giving the Risen demo a shot tonight though, so we’ll see how that pans out!

  4. Mods are rocking : SketchStone says:

    Elite Proxies…

    Gaming words, gaming life…

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