Rocky solution to the house problem?

Having existed a mere handful of days in this grotty-little-nothing hole of a house and gazing wistfully at the construction plans for our home to be, my thoughts are constantly turning to our financial predicament.  Having grudgingly accepted employment on the disgustingly lowly rungs of the criminal ladder, I am only bringing in a small amount of cash and Renna is doing the same.  I resent working for someone else, surrounded by ignoramuses and the unworthy, and having to answer to a man who thinks that a fedora is the height of sophisticated mystery.  If I could slaughter every one of them and still get my daily token for a free lunch at the Easy Sleezy diner, then I would.  I can’t even bring myself to shake my fist.

Eaten myself to bloated sickness on badly cooked waffles thanks to our inept stove.  Renna is out prowling somewhere, probably flirting with that idiot from her work team.  Good mind to lock her out but she’d only be scratching at the window like some nymphomaniacal Nosferatu.

Intriguing.  If I had a pointy beard, this is the point that I would be stroking it.  Renna had been wandering the new neighbourhood, kicking over a few dustbins and scoping the place out when she apparently came across, in her words, ‘this strange rock’.  The stupid woman actually sat at our table stuffing her (gorgeous) face with apple pancakes and didn’t seem to grasp what she had actually found.  It was an uncut bloody gemstone.

Too busy stuffing her face, stupid woman

Too busy stuffing her face, stupid woman

It's a what?!  Pfft, am too busy celebrating...

It's a what?!

Immediately demanded to know where it came from and if there were any more.  She said she had come  across a few things in her wandering, including some odd metallic veined rocks.  Most though, seemed to be in rockier areas or at the edge of town.  It would appear that this town is rich in more ways than one.  I don’t regret moving here so much after all.  I doubt that this house in the centre of town will yield any good geological results, and don’t wish for the neighbours here to get wind of any potential rich workings, so I will head straight for the internet and dispatch Renna to the local library to see what we can turn up.

If this works out, however, we may yet get our dream home sooner than we think.  If I can just locate a viable source of a suitably rich gem or metal, then our days of cheap Formica will be over.  Over I tell you!

This could expedite our plans for the evil abode

This could expedite our plans for the evil abode

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