Civ preparing to invade Facebook…


Interesting news recently about the mother of all time suckers – Civilisation and how it is soon to be invading Facebook.

Farms will be left untended, crops will wither, and cafe food will spoil as Facebook gamers migrate to begin forming governments, coalitions, and plotting invasions.  This has the potential to be huge and employers and disinterested spouses across the land will have cause to weep.

Luckily I haven’t yet been sucked into Facebook gaming and don’t see it happening with this one.  The original Civ games passed me by as I threw all my time into the lesser known forgotten cousin that was Colonization on the Amiga.  So you can have your brave new worlds and I will enjoy this squashy comfortable one, albeit with my feet up on the table and a controller in hand…

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  1. I fear for myself with this as I definitely fall into the “one more turn” ethos that Civ brings to the table.

    Colonization? Have you tried the recent one, is rather good I found, nice multiplayer in it too.

  2. sketch says:

    One of those ones which is on my gargantuan ‘to-play’ pile!

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