Shout out for some stunning Fable 2 writing

A friend of mine who adores Fable 2 from Bowerstone’s crooked rooftops down to Wraithmarsh’s swampy depths wrote this stunning piece on the game some time ago.  After re-discovering it in my favourites list, I fell in love with it all over again and had to post the link:

Emotive, evokative, and well written, this short character piece beautifully encapsulates the strength of his emotion stirred up by Fable 2 and the outcome of the events that the character inexorably builds towards.  Everyone who loves Fable 2, should read this.


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  1. MarkuzR says:

    Totally agree :) ) Loved this when I first read it too, and found it sad that Tiq wasn’t given more of a voice on Peowww. Great writing

  2. Tiq says:

    Wow… thank you very much for the mention, Lorna. I really appreciate that.

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