Bully 2 finally muscling up for a release?

After falling in love with Rockstar’s Bully for the Xbox360, I naturally scoured the net for any morsel of information that I could find on the possibility of a sequel, only to come away bitterly disappointed.  I chalked it up to being one of those star games that settles for one hefty body blow before slouching off into the sunset and shelved all hope for a sequel.  Now, thanks to a leak from a surprising source, it seems that all hope may not have been in vain…


After chatting with thegamingliberty.com, musician Shawn Lee let slip a surprising nugget of information while answering questions about his work on Bully:

TGL: So far you’ve worked on two games, The Getaway and Bully, would you be open to composing for other games in the future?

Shawn Lee: “Yes. It looks like I will be doing the soundtrack for Bully 2 in the not so distant future….”

This unexpected leak, if it is indeed true, couldn’t be better news for me.  In fact, to say I am now hyped would be a gross understatement…you see, I don’t care a damn about Modern Warfare 2 or the like, and this year’s remaining releases are but a shoulder shrug to me.  However, Jimmy Hopkins’ troublesome schooldays at Bullworth Academy were some of my favourite gaming moments and Bully was the first game that I maxed out the achievements for.
From my obsession with Skool Daze and Back 2 Skool for the Spectrum to Bullworth’s grubby grounds in Bully for the 360, this setting and type of game have always appealed to me – playing the misunderstood miscreant while you do everything you always wanted to do but never had the balls for.  A game with humour, guts, and fun, that took a less well used mould and created a great game.  And now…this tiny glimmer of hope has cast a sliver of light onto the possibility of a sequel that until now, Rockstar have never once mentioned, and I just sincerely hope that it holds true.


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