Aliens Vs Predator – More editions, more details

For die hard collectors only, the upcoming Aliens Vs Predator comes in not one, but three editions.  Standard, Hunter, and Survivor.  Magpie recently covered the contents of the Hunter edition here and it can be snagged in the UK from HMV for £59.99.

The survivor edition however, currently listed on GAME/Gameplay contains a little less and takes the form of the bog-standard steelbook with a handful of multiplayer maps.  Given that this edition is only a fiver cheaper than the Hunter edition and comes with far fewer trinkets, sensible money would be on the Hunter…especially if you like facehuggers.  Who doesn’t?


Details of the Survivor edition, such as they are, follow:

Aliens vs Predator Survivor Edition

  • The Game
  • Steel Book packaging
  • Exclusive Map pack containing:
    Docks – The caustic alkali waters of BG-386 put an end to Weyland-Yutani’s planned shipping activities. But this dockyard soon became an historic battleground
    Outpost – The site of the original Weyland-Yutani colony on BG-386 was abandoned, and soon reclaimed by the planet’s voracious jungle plant life. It is now the perfect hunting ground for all manner of wildlife.
    Machine – As well as processing exotic ores, the BG-386 Refinery provided electrical power to the colonists at Freya’s Prospect. The lights may still be on, but nobody’s home. Yet.
    Hive – Deep in the heart of the Freya’s Prospect Refinery lies the Xenomorph Hive. Beware all who enter here.
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