This site is a gaming portfolio and blog of sorts for myself, writer, Lorna Reid.  It is not intended, (nor do I have the time to make it), an up to date gaming site with the latest news, reviews, and bags of features.  Instead, it acts as a general gaming blog with a less pressured feel where content takes the form of features, byte-sized blogs, retro pieces, and serial features such as the ‘Evil Sim Diaries’.  When it comes to reviews, the list is small and will likely remain so, since I review games that I have played, have time to try, and/or have a modicum of interest in but which I hope cover a minimum of bases.

While a former prolific PC gamer, my allegiances have switched these last few years to being primarily, a console gamer.  My system of choice is the Xbox 360, though I occasionally game on the Playstation3, Wii, and DS, however, I don’t involve myself in any ridiculous fanboy flame wars which are frankly, an embarrassment.  I have slowly begun returning to my PC roots in an attempt to curb my alarming gaming apathy, and as such will likely be featuring more PC based articles and blogs as time marches onward.

As an adult site, the content reflects this in both language and tone, and as such, any reader views content at their own discretion.  I believe in people taking responsibility for their own reading choices which in no way are the responsibility or interest of the site owner should offence be taken.  Not every article or diary entry will be to everyone’s taste, but it may be to mine, which is rather the point of a personal site such as this one.

On the subject of disclaimers, since reviews are unfortunately one of the most debated and contentious issues in gaming writing, it sadly falls upon me to have to include some sort of acknowledgement of this.  While I don’t currently score the games that I review, believing the text to portray an accurate framework of opinion, any reviews are opinion based.  Along with a mix of experience, fact, and common sense, reviews on this site always strive to maintain a fair balance while being informative and entertaining and shouldn’t need justifying.

I believe in fair play, but if something is bad, or not to my taste for whatever reason, regardless of anything else, I maintain enough integrity to say so.  Sadly many individuals who have muscled their way in behind a keyboard so often take issue with this if they don’t happen to agree.  In a nutshell, tough tittie.

A fair review can’t be ‘wrong’ simply because it doesn’t hold with someone else’s perhaps rose-tinted or biased view of a game.  I urge anyone who is of the trolling fanboy or ‘keyboard commando’ persuasion to please think long and hard about a, what you are actually doing on a site like this, and b, growing up, before you start to type out a complaint which is splitting at the seams with bile and righteous indignation.

Otherwise, enjoy.