Trash and Burn?

After stumbling across an intruiging sounding game called ‘Prison Tycoon 3′, I was amazed that there was such a tycoon game and that it had actually manage to spawn two sequels.  An idea began forming about having a serial feature section where I focus on an obscure or dodgy title (largely PC based, I suspect).  The game would be played as much as is bearable and then commented upon, in a small feature/review.  I have the perfect game for the first one sitting on my shelf…’Ski Park Manager’.  The joy.

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  1. Digital Forge says:

    I get scared when looking at the PC sections in shops these days. Titles such as Tractor / Digger / Bus / Sail / Euro truck simulator.

    That said, I did enjoy the old “Sim Tower”.

  2. MarkuzR says:

    Sim Porn anyone??

  3. sketch says:

    Sim Porn could be great fun.

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