Alien Breed Returns

The original and stunning cover

The original and stunning cover

Any Amiga fan who remembers the Alien Breed series with a wide smile and nostalgic flutter will be champing at the bit for December 16th after the release date of the remake was finally announced.  After teasing fans with news for months, it seems that Alien Breed Evolution – Episode 1 from Team 17 will be blasting its way onto the Xbox LIVE marketplace for a worthy 800 MSP in the next two weeks and personally, I can’t wait.

As someone who adored Alien Breed and who has fond memories of finishing the second one with her father in multiplayer all those years ago, I have been looking forward to snapping this one up for a long time.  As with any remake, there is always that lurking terror that they may just have fucked everything up…that the alluring computer voice when you access the satisfyingly futuristic green terminals will be gone, that the triple laser or the Boomerang weapons will have been thrown out for something more resembling what the youngsters today are used to with their new fangled Halo nonsense, and that Team 17 might have pissed all over the hallowed memory of a superb game.  Time will tell though, and luckily that time is but a few weeks away…

So with an action stuffed single player mode, along with LIVE and local multiplayer, Alien Breed Evolution looks set to send pulses racing as you are pitched once more against crawling beasties in the eerily lit corridors of some fear-stained, overrun facility.  Two weeks and counting…

The old eyecandy from back on the faithful Amiga…

And all new eyecandy…

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  1. MarkuzR says:

    God I dunno. As you know very VERY well, I adored the UFO series (well.. the first one, anyway) and I’ve witnessed countless developers attempt to rekindle that spark with a more modern release, failing miserably with what can only be described as… SHITE.

    I can’t help but think that the Alien Breed game will go the same way although, if I’ve read your piece correctly, you’re saying that it’s still going to be Team 17 producing the modern game? Considering they created some of my favourite Amiga games ever (Project X, Worms, Superfrog (with the wonderful Eric Schwartz graphics… anyone remember him??) and, of course, Alien Breed) I’m guessing they’ll stay true to their legacy and do it absolute justice.

    We can only hope :)

  2. James says:

    Alien Breed rocked my world. The cover, the graphics, the sound design, the atmosphere; hell, even the title music had me palpitating with excitement. Always played it two player, always got stuck on the wrong side of a fire door. Best unofficial movie tie-in ever.

    Played the demo of Evolution. Meh. I get the impression they’ve been forced to change the aliens to look even less like Giger’s creatures, and now they’re all fat and insectiod. Didn’t generate the same atmosphere either. A good idea, but one that fell a bit flat for me. Give me Commadore action any day

    “Welcome to Intex Systems.” :D

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